Motif template:


A total of 26 A4 pages.
23 pages of lanterns and 3 pages of additional accessories with pompoms etc.

The lanterns are laid out on A4 sheets to fill the format.

So they have the perfect size for impressive window pictures and coloring is child’s play for young and old.

Simply cut off the temple of the lanterns after coloring. It is best to paint them directly on the window panes with chalk markers. Also paint the “cords” on which the lanterns hang easily and directly on the window.

It doesn’t matter whether the lanterns overlap, crooked, as if they flutter in the wind, very close to or far from each other, it always looks great.

The motifs are simply printed out as often as you want.

Paint and cut out the paper. Use 80g plain paper for bright window pictures and finally oil the paper on the back so that it becomes transparent.

The exact instructions are included in the download.

Tip: The window pictures become particularly durable if you laminate them after painting, oiling, ironing and cutting them out and then cut them out again along the edge with about 3mm. So you can enjoy the pictures for many years and do them every year

complete, so that the works of art on the window are still taking on larger dimensions.

Instant digital download. PDF FILES are packed in a zip file.
More information about zip files and how to unzip them can be found here:

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4 reviews for Lanterns

  1. judith.goedeke (verified owner)

    Was für eine zauberhfte Datei. Ich habe sie kleiner ausgedruckt und werde sie laminiert mit einer Lichterkette kombinieren. Vielen lieben Dank! <3

  2. Ramona Ehrhardt (verified owner)

    Super schön, gleich alle Fenster verschönert

  3. Sandra Zeilfelder (verified owner)

    wunderschöner Download, der sich auch super mit sehr jungen Kindern gestalten lässt und Saison-unabhängig (fast) das ganze Jahr irgendwo zu Hause platziert werden kann.
    Machen sich kleiner ausgedruckt auch super an Marmeladengläsern! 🙂

  4. Bettina (verified owner)

    Wie immer sind das wunderschöne Vorlagen. Ausgedruckt sind sie schon. Freue mich schon aufs Ausmalen. Aufhängen möchte ich sie im Apfelbaum.

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