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Motif template


A total of 42 A4 pages.

20 different sheep.

thick, thin, large, small and in a variety of poses.
From the front and from the side, sometimes bouncing, sometimes sleeping …

Ideal for combining a large, funny, colorful herd on the window pane, the sheep can bounce on top of each other or sleep in a pile. Maybe you paint them with all the colors of the rainbow, or of course with a few sprinklers in beige and brown.

Will there also be a black sheep?

If you want, you can also print out the 2nd pdf. The “buttocks”
All sheep have a matching left, mirrored side or a back. A tail with tails
So you can not only make the sheep one-sided and transparent on the window with the oil trick, but also do completely different handicrafts with them.
For example, as a free-hanging mobile or as a garland in the middle of the room, where you can see the sheep from the front and back.

Simply cut out the front and back of the colored sheep and glue them together.

If you use both sides of the sheep, the oil trick is of course omitted, because then the figures should not be transparent.
Decorate the sheep with collars and a real bell or stick a cotton ball on them as a tail.

Also included: 2 A4 sheets with simple flowers from a flower meadow. For pausing with chalk markers or multi-markers on the window pane. The flowers can be easily combined with the sheep on the window.

The templates are simply printed out as often as you want.

Paint and cut out the paper. Use 80g plain paper for bright window pictures and finally oil the paper on the back so that it becomes transparent.

The exact instructions are included in the download.

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