Bunny Garland


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Motif template:

Bunny garland
Hanging rabbits & carrots

A total of 22 A4 pages with templates for funny Easter garlands!
8 cute rabbits that you can hang on a string by their ears.
Matching: 9 large, patterned carrots.

The rabbits and carrots are simply printed out as often as you want.
Use plain paper (80g) or thicker printer paper (e.g. 120g).
The thicker the paper, the more stable the bunny will be …
Paint the rabbits e.g. with water colors, crayons or felt pens.

If the front and back are painted, both sides do not have to be cut out individually. It is more practical and nice to glue the two sides together with glue stick beforehand. The corner markings on each side help to ensure precise gluing!

Now cut out the rabbit figure 1x completely.

Then fold your ears up. If you want, you can bend your arms and feet a bit into shape …

Cotton balls from the drugstore are great as pom-pom tails.

Tip for hanging garden rabbits: The rabbits become particularly durable and even weatherproof if they are laminated after painting, gluing and cutting out and then cut out again along the edge with about 3mm addition. Laminated rabbits can no longer cleverly bend their ears, but you can also hang the rabbits on their ears in bushes and trees in the garden with wooden clothes pegs.

Also included in the download:
All motifs reduced to A5, as the ideal size e.g. for gift tags.

On 11 A4 pages, the front and back of the bunnies are conveniently on one sheet. The crease mark in the middle is very easy to glue and cut out.

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