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10 funny bats on 8 A4 pages

10 bats that you can not only decorate great by the window, but also hang as a garland in the middle of the room. To do this, simply fold the feet or the tip of a wing and attach the animals to a string with a small wooden clothes peg.

The bats are simply printed out as often as you want.

Use normal paper (80g – for windows) or thicker printer paper (e.g. 120g).

The thicker the paper, the more stable the bat becomes …

My tip: Print out the bats on gray paper and just paint them very loosely in dark colors. Finally, emphasize the eyes and teeth with a white pencil or a covering neon marker (acrylic marker). So the eyes shine phenomenally! ?

For particularly practical cutting, simply snap the bats in the middle of the dotted line. Only half of it has to be cut out.

My tip for garden bats: The bats become particularly durable and even weatherproof if you laminate them after painting, gluing and cutting them out and then cut them out again along the edge with about 3mm.

Instant digital download, PDF FILES
Also included: Basic instructions: “Bines oil trick” for glowing window pictures …

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